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Artist Statement


“My paintings tend to resonate with the real masters of art from the Renaissance era so much so that I have much of their work reproduced throughout my life, my paintings, drawings, murals, etc. They were my real teachers. I feel an artist’s job is to bring about some kind of an emotion out of a person, whether it’s to smile or to cry. I also like spreading my artwork in the streets to get my message across, and reach a broader audience. My goal is to ensure that I not only continue to grow as an artist, but that each new project is more profound than the one before. What helps me grow as an artist is gaining inspiration from a broad spectrum of significant topics. I never want to be content with anything I create, which is why I always say that my favorite piece is my next piece. What I’ve done up to this point in my career, and what I am doing now is just the beginning.

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